Stardew Valley is a beloved game filled with charming townsfolk and exciting quests. One of the most sought-after items in the game is Stardrop Tea, a rare gift that can instantly win over the heart of a villager.

To make Stardrop Tea in Stardew Valley, players have two options. The first is to find it in Mayor Lewis’s Prize Box, which can be located in his house just to the right of the Stardrop Saloon. Tickets for the Prize Box can be obtained by completing quests on Pierre’s General Board or by winning them at annual festivals or the festival shop.

The second way to get Stardrop Tea is by unlocking a Golden Fishing Treasure Chest. These chests appear periodically while fishing, and players can increase their chances by reaching Fishing Mastery in the Mastery Cave. Using items like a Magnet, Treasure Hunter, and the Pirate profession can further boost the likelihood of encountering these chests.

Stardrop Tea has a 1 in 13 chance of spawning in Golden Treasure Chests, making it a reliable way to obtain this coveted item. Once players claim the guaranteed Stardrop Tea from Mayor Lewis’s Prize Box, they can focus on farming for more in the Golden Treasure Chests. This method is even more dependable than trying to obtain Mystery Boxes in the game.

Overall, Stardrop Tea is a unique and valuable item in Stardew Valley that can help players build relationships with the townsfolk quicker and easier. By following these tips, players can increase their chances of obtaining this special gift and enjoy the benefits it brings in the game.

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