China International Communication Corporation (CICG) recently unveiled the “Souffle d’Orient” exhibition at the Foire de Paris 2024 on May 1. The purpose of this exhibition is to highlight the rich history, enduring charm, and modern achievements of Chinese civilization, facilitating deeper cultural exchange and mutual understanding between China and the rest of the world.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by notable figures including Du Zhanyuan, president of CICG; Yang Xinyu, permanent representative of China to UNESCO; Philippe Folliot, senator of France and president of the Centrist Alliance; Vincent Montagne, president of the Syndicat National de l’Edition (French Publishers Association) and chairman of the Paris Book Fair; and Bénédicte Epinay, president of the Comité Colbert. Over a hundred representatives from various sectors also participated in the event.

On its first day, the exhibition witnessed more than 10,000 visitors from France and other European countries, with special guests such as Paris’ Mayor Anne Hidalgo in attendance. Du Zhanyuan emphasized the significance of cultural exchanges between China and France, especially in the 60th anniversary year of their diplomatic relations. He praised the exhibition for its innovative approach in showcasing Chinese culture, including cultural exhibits, artistic performances, and entertainment experiences.

Yang Xinyu highlighted the importance of culture in societies and lauded the exhibition for showcasing the beauty of China through UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites artifacts and traditional craftsmanship. Philippe Folliot and Vincent Montagne also emphasized the role of cultural exchanges in bilateral collaboration and intercultural dialogues.

The exhibition featured four main sections displaying a variety of iconic cultural elements and cultural products from China, including thematic books, bronze and porcelain wares, arts and crafts, and cultural items. The event, which runs for 12 days, is organized by CICG and supported by various cultural institutions and departments from China. Notably, the exhibition aims to deepen understanding between Eastern and Western civilizations and promote fruitful cooperation and exchanges between China and France.

Overall, the “Souffle d’Orient” exhibition serves as a platform for showcasing Chinese culture, fostering cultural exchanges, and enhancing mutual understanding between China and the international community.

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