South Korea Invites Digital Nomads to Experience Remote Work Opportunities

NEW YORK, March 14, 2024 – With the launch of the “Work from South Korea” campaign, South Korea extends a warm invitation to digital nomads worldwide, showcasing its position as a top technology and cultural destination. Led by the Korea Tourism Organization NY Office, this initiative aims to highlight the exceptional remote work prospects available in South Korea, leveraging its advanced infrastructure, vibrant lifestyle, and diverse cultural heritage.

Executive Director of Korea Tourism Organization, NY Office, Jaesok Park, expressed, “The ‘Work from South Korea’ initiative is an invitation to the world to experience the unparalleled mix of high-tech living and cultural depth that South Korea has to offer. We are excited for digital nomads to join us in Korea and explore the unique lifestyle that seamlessly combines innovation with tradition.”

South Korea is increasingly becoming a sought-after destination for digital nomads seeking a balance between work and life while working remotely. The campaign focuses on promoting five factors contributing to South Korea’s appeal among digital nomads:

– South Korea’s ranking as one of the world’s safest countries
– Global leadership in internet connectivity and innovative work environments
– Diverse co-working spaces and tech hubs with cutting-edge amenities
– Rich cultural experiences, culinary adventures, and outdoor activities for a balanced lifestyle
– Efficient public transportation system

Urban nomads can explore vibrant Seoul, a city blending tradition and modernity, as well as Busan known for its beautiful beaches and seafood. Rural gems like Jeju Island, Yangyang, South Korea’s surfing haven, and Yeosu, the romantic city, offer unique experiences for remote workers.

About Korea Tourism Organization

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is an organization of the Republic of Korea under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, promoting South Korea as an all-season visitor destination. From fascinating history and rich culture to amazing food and friendly people, South Korea is a popular tourist destination. The Visit Korea Year 2023-2024 campaign aims to promote K-Culture. Located in East Asia, South Korea offers a blend of ancient temples like Bulguksa Temple and modern skyscrapers like Lotte World Tower in Seoul.

For media inquiries, please contact Patrice Henry or Haeri Choi at Korea Tourism Organization at 201-585-0909.

Source: Korea Tourism Organization

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