Get ready for a musical extravaganza in Godalming on June 8th as ChoirBlast takes over the town with a day-to-evening event that promises to be a super singing Saturday for all ages. This not-for-profit festival will bring together 50 choirs from across the country for a day filled with music, community spirit and fun.

The event will feature seven stages at The Burys Field, the Bandstand and Cloisters, each showcasing talented vocalists and harmonious melodies starting from 11am. ChoirBlast is a celebration of contemporary choirs and offers a unique opportunity to experience the joy and power of harmony music.

Local choirs participating in the event include Music by Motivation Contemporary Gospel Choirs, Farncombe Jazz Choir, Halow Project, The Meath Backstage Choir, Guildford Jazz Choir, Godalming Jazz Choir, Little Town Choir, Music Kids, Guildford Vox Community Choir, Godalming Community Gospel Choir, In Accord, Wholenotes Community Choirs, and more.

ChoirBlast is proud to support the local halow project and Meath charities, which benefit adults with epilepsy and complex needs. While admission to the festival is free, donations are welcomed to help support these important causes.

In addition to the music, attendees can enjoy a variety of food and drink options from vendors like Serious Rum Bar, Cara Gorda Cantina, Dylan’s Ice Cream, Bring & Braai, Belle Buono, Kothu Truck, Daisy’s Sandwiches, The Journalist, and Bean & Gone.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to celebrate the power of music and community at ChoirBlast in Godalming on June 8th.

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