Renowned art curator and dealer, Vittoria Beltrame, has announced her latest exhibition titled “Wood Wide Web” which will be opening on April 25th at Great Western Studios in London. The exhibition draws inspiration from Dr. Suzanne Simard’s concept of interconnected trees and plants and will feature works by artists Isabella Amram, Keisuke Azuma, Ben Große-Johannböcke, and Natalia Janula.

Beltrame expressed her excitement about the exhibition, stating, “The exhibition brings together these four young talented creatives in a rather conceptual manner, dealing with energy and communication through unperceivable means. We have included two events throughout the duration of the show that highlight this, with a tarot card reading performance and an intuitive mark-making session by Isabella Amram, as well as a voice activation and sound-bath event hosted by voice practitioner Darius Hulme. With this show, we are aiming to evoke and provoke visitors to fully experience the concept.”

The exhibition is set to run from April 25th to May 2nd at Great Western Studios, located at 65 Alfred Road, W2 5EU. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this unique artistic experience.

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