A new traveling lettering exhibition called FiftyFifty has been launched, showcasing artworks by college students from around the world. The event premiered in Brisbane, Australia, and is set to tour various cities globally. The exhibition featured 150 artworks from students of 34 universities across 32 countries, with posters designed in 20 different languages.

Organized under the theme of Positive Synonyms, the exhibition aimed to bring cultures and languages together through typography and calligraphy. Nada Abdallah, the Assistant Professor at the University of Sharjah’s College of Fine Arts and Design and founder of FiftyFifty, emphasized the importance of promoting positivity and unity through diverse artistic expressions.

The exhibition gained significant interest, receiving 1500 submissions, but only 150 artworks were chosen by a panel of judges from various backgrounds. The exhibition highlighted the power of typography in visualizing positive messages and inspiring viewers to work towards a better world. A highlight of the exhibition was an animation composed collaboratively by 116 students, integrating 150 typographic synonyms and lettering designs into a single masterpiece.

Participants, such as Haneen Eljack and Habiba Elsalhy from the University of Sharjah, expressed their excitement and fulfillment in being part of the exhibition. They described the experience as enriching and enlightening, showcasing their creativity and cultural identities through their typographic designs.

The next round of the exhibition is set to be hosted by the University of Sharjah’s College of Fine Arts and Design, continuing the mission of spreading positivity and celebrating the uniqueness of cultural identities. With plans to tour more cities in the future, the FiftyFifty exhibition aims to inspire individuals worldwide to embrace diversity and work towards a better world through art and creativity.

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