Meros Yachtsharing’s innovative Flexshare program is transforming the world of yacht ownership by offering co-owners access to exclusive lifestyle events through Mero’s concierge service. With share prices starting from 1.25 million euros for a 28m yacht, Flexshare co-owners can enjoy iconic events like White Turf in St Moritz and the Monaco Grand Prix, as well as various parties and gatherings.

Meros Yachtsharing provides two co-ownership models that offer hassle-free cruising and ownership with significant benefits. The fleet available to Flexshare co-owners is expanding to include yachts in the Western and Eastern Mediterranean, as well as the UAE. The appeal of the yachting good life is not just about cruising to interesting destinations on a customized yacht, but also about the luxurious lifestyle that comes with ownership at Meros.

Founded in 2019, Meros Yachtsharing offers both the traditional Quarter quarter-share ownership model and the innovative Flexshare model, which prioritizes flexibility and experience. The Flexshare program not only takes care of the management, crew, and maintenance of the yacht but also provides access to the entire Meros fleet across different locations. This allows co-owners the freedom to choose where to cruise and explore without the hassle and expense of relocating their own yacht.

The focus on experience is a key feature of the Flexshare program, with the Meros concierge service offering exclusive owner experiences such as private client events and participation in seasonal events. Flexshare owners can truly immerse themselves in the luxury yachting lifestyle, supported by a forward-thinking fractional ownership model that delivers exceptional value.

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