The Khareef Festival in Dhofar Governorate has been extended to three months for the first time in an effort to attract over one million visitors, announced Dr. Ahmed bin Mohsen Al-Ghassani, Chairman of Dhofar Municipality.

Last year saw a significant increase in visitors during the Khareef season, with 962,000 visitors compared to 813,000 in 2022.

The activities for this year will kick off early, starting on June 21 to coincide with the astronomical onset of the Khareef season and will run until September 20. This extended duration aims to attract more tourists over a longer period, providing ample time for visitors to experience the beauty of the region and enjoy a variety of activities.

Dhofar Governorate is known for its natural, tourist, and cultural heritage resources, with plans to expand economic opportunities during this season and in the future. The Khareef Festival will feature activities spread across new and existing locations, offering exciting experiences to visitors.

Events at the “Atin Square” site will include international events, Omani and Arab art concerts, and a revamped amusement area with sports challenges, light shows, and unique visitor services. The consumer exhibition will also have a fresh approach this season.

The “Return of the Past” activities will be held in the Saada area for the first time, featuring traditional arts, heritage markets, artisan products, and live performances that showcase Omani culture.

Parks and recreational areas have been upgraded this year, with Awqad Park offering international villages for children, entertainment activities, and various dining options. The Salalah Public Park will host sports activities for different age groups to promote physical health.

Additionally, the Dhofar International Theatre Festival will be organized for the first time to promote cultural and literary fields, featuring international theatre groups. The season will also see art concerts by elite Omani and Arab artists, promising surprises and performances at a pan-Arab level, some for the first time in Oman.

Overall, the extended Khareef Festival aims to showcase the beauty and culture of Dhofar Governorate to a larger audience and provide unforgettable experiences for all visitors.

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