The Key Theatre in Peterborough is hosting a special week-long event called the WELCOME WEEK(ENDER). From Monday April 29 to Monday May 6, local residents are invited to enjoy free shows, workshops, and a vibrant celebration of the arts.

The Welcome Week(ender) is a family-friendly event that offers open access for everyone to explore the Key Theatre, attend shows, and participate in various workshops. All activities during the program are either free or offered at very low costs.

Throughout the week, there will be takeovers, workshops, shows, and events presented by the Landmark Theatre’s team and their collaborators from April 29 to May 3.

To stay updated on behind-the-scenes content, exclusive interviews, the event’s program, and more, follow the Key Theatre’s social media pages. After the event concludes, attendees can revisit the Key Theatre’s platforms to enjoy a collection of photos and videos captured during the event.

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