MARUANI MERCIER is delighted to present Arne Quinze’s exhibition, The Forbidden Paradise, showcasing vibrant new paintings and works on paper at their Knokke locations.

In the serene haven of Arne Quinze’s garden, he finds boundless inspiration among the myriad blooms, plants, and hedges meticulously nurtured. This lush sanctuary adjacent to his home and studio serves as a sacred space overflowing with promise and life. Each square meter of this verdant oasis holds the allure of paradise.

Immersed in the beauty of the garden, Quinze witnesses its ever-changing rhythms, unfolding like a mesmerizing dance of metamorphosis. His oil paintings delve into the delicate balance of nature’s beauty, capturing the interplay between power and fragility in the natural world. Rooted in the preservation of nature through art, Quinze’s canvases reveal layers that invite us to expand our gaze into the vast universe.

In his continued exploration, Arne Quinze delves into humanity’s place on Earth, hinting at the notion of humans as potentially extraterrestrial beings. This theme sets the stage for his upcoming exhibition at the Venice Biennale, Are We The Aliens, where he subtly integrates celestial elements into his oil paintings.

The Forbidden Paradise invites viewers to engage in a contemplative dialogue with nature, bridging the gap between natural beauty and urban complexity. Arne Quinze, born in Belgium in 1971, is known for his monumental sculptures and installations showcased globally. In addition to his upcoming exhibitions, he will be the subject of a solo show at the Ludwig Museum Koblenz in September 2024.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Arne Quinze: The Forbidden Paradise from March 30 to May 22, 2024, at MARUANI MERCIER.

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