Samsung Electronics recently showcased its “Newfound Equilibrium” exhibition at Milan Design Week 2024. The exhibit highlights Samsung’s forward-thinking design philosophy, known as “Samsung Design Identity 5.0: Essential∙Innovative∙Harmonious,” focusing on drawing inspiration from people and shaping the future.

With over 1,500 designers working across seven global studios, Samsung aims to keep its design language fresh and relevant for customers. The exhibition took place at the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, specifically in Le Cavallerizze, blending 16th-century architecture with modern design.

The exhibition is divided into different sections, starting with “Essential,” which showcases a focus on basics and practical home appliances. The “Innovative” section demonstrates Samsung’s drive to make everyday life better with functional advancements and interactive displays. The “Harmonious” section emphasizes how tech can seamlessly blend into daily life without overpowering, using interactive LED displays to mimic natural events.

The exhibit concludes with the “Infinite Dream” and “New Dawning” spaces, celebrating the blend of modern tech with traditional craftsmanship through collaborations with artisans. In summary, the ‘Newfound Equilibrium’ exhibition at Milan Design Week 2024 showcases Samsung’s vision for the future of tech and design, aiming to make life better for people worldwide through thoughtful and progressive design.

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