The upcoming second edition of the Trends International Education Conference in Abu Dhabi is set to take place on 6th March with a focus on “Education and Identity in the Digital Age: Proposed Strategies for Preserving Identity and Shaping Youth Behaviors.”

The conference, organized at the Trends Research and Advisory headquarters, will highlight the importance of reading and education in shaping a country’s identity. In line with the National Month of Reading, two main sessions will delve into the topics of “Education and Identity in a Changing World: Challenges and Risks” and “Education and Identity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Revolution.”

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of Trends Research and Advisory, emphasized the significance of the conference as a platform to promote purposeful reading and cultivate a culture of science and knowledge. He highlighted how reading can enhance the skills and abilities of young people, strengthen their language proficiency, and uphold their cultural values and national identity. Dr. Al-Ali stressed the pivotal role of reading in education and research, advocating for innovative approaches to encourage reading for personal development and knowledge acquisition.

During the conference, discussions will revolve around how society can contribute to nurturing a generation that can effectively engage with technological advancements while promoting a culture of learning and identity preservation through reading. Dr. Al-Ali hopes that the conference’s recommendations will reinforce the enduring value of reading in an increasingly digital world.

The event promises to be a significant scientific, cultural, and educational gathering that tackles critical issues related to education, identity, and technological advancements in the digital era.

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