This Ramadan, wagamama is offering an exclusive opportunity to participate in “Reflective Feasts” workshops led by wellness expert Karly Sarah. These sessions are designed to deepen the essence of Ramadan by incorporating meditation, affirmations, and contemplation. Through these workshops, participants can explore the spiritual benefits of fasting and connect with the true meaning of the holy season.

Each session begins with a warm welcome from Karly, followed by opening affirmations to inspire introspection and reflection. A brief meditation creates an atmosphere for guests to fully engage in the present moment and appreciate the experience. Karly shares valuable insights on mindful eating during Ramadan, emphasizing the importance of savoring each bite and enjoying the diverse offerings on one’s plate. This approach empowers individuals to lead a more purposeful and mindful life during the holy month.

The workshop concludes with an interactive Q&A session with Karly, providing personalized guidance to enrich the experience further. Participants can also enjoy wagamama’s specially curated iftar menu after the session.

The Mindful Eating sessions are free to attend and will take place one hour before iftar at select wagamama stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Participants can follow wagamama on Instagram for updates on session dates and locations.

For those looking to dine after the session, wagamama offers a delightful iftar experience with a selection of delectable dishes. From Chicken Gyoza to Chilli Chicken Ramen and White Ginger Cheesecake, the iftar menu promises a memorable culinary journey. Two exclusive Ramadan bundle meals are available for those dining at wagamama during Ramadan.

Beyond just abstaining from food, Ramadan encourages individuals to reconnect with its true purpose. “Reflective Feasts” aim to guide participants in navigating this sacred period mindfully and fostering a deeper connection with the essence of fasting.

wagamama’s “Reflective Feasts” sessions will run throughout Ramadan at most stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Participants can choose to stay for iftar for an additional fee, making it a comprehensive and meaningful experience for all.

Join wagamama on this journey of self-discovery and celebration during the holy month of Ramadan. Follow wagamama on Instagram for session dates and locations. For media inquiries, please contact Lara at

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