The Consortium Museum in Dijon is preparing to present “Profusione,” a groundbreaking exhibition showcasing the works of Isabella Ducrot in April 2024. The retrospective will feature approximately 80 diverse pieces, including works on paper, fabrics, and collages. Highlighting the event are new, large-scale creations specifically crafted for this exhibition, marking Ducrot’s first solo show outside of Italy.

Hailing from Rome, Isabella Ducrot draws inspiration from her profound fascination with fabrics, evident in her visual and literary works. Her art is a rich tapestry of cultural references, weaving together philosophy, folklore, and textiles. Spanning four decades, Ducrot’s oeuvre explores themes such as landscapes, still lifes, kimonos, and intimate couples in a variety of media.

This exhibition promises to offer a unique insight into the artistic journey of Isabella Ducrot and her enduring exploration of the intersection between art and textiles.

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