Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, the co-host of KIIS FM, recently showcased her slimmer figure in a stunning Instagram post where she was seen wearing a skin-tight red latex dress for a photoshoot with Stellar Magazine. Her behind-the-scenes look at the shoot revealed her youthful and slim appearance, following an impressive weight loss of 18kg in less than a year. Her co-host, Kyle Sandilands, playfully described her transformation as leaving for holidays looking like Roseanne Barr and returning looking like Elle Macpherson. He jokingly compared Jackie’s newfound confidence and resemblance to a supermodel to the birth of his child.

Despite rumors swirling about her weight loss journey being linked to appetite suppressants like Ozempic, Jackie has consistently attributed her success to the Weight Watchers program. During a radio show segment, she even disclosed her highest weight of 80kg, showing her transparency about her weight loss journey. Kyle teased Jackie about her single lifestyle compared to his settled family life, adding a humorous touch to their dynamic.

Jackie’s recent photoshoot for Stellar Magazine not only showcased her confidence and slimmer figure post-weight loss but also highlighted her enjoyment of the surprises the stylist had in store for her outfits. The cover of the magazine featured the co-hosts, emphasizing their partnership and individual journeys.

The behind-the-scenes glimpse of Jackie and Kyle’s photoshoot captured Jackie’s newfound confidence and slim physique after her remarkable weight loss journey. Despite rumors and speculations, Jackie has stayed committed to her healthy lifestyle changes and credited Weight Watchers for her success. The playful banter between Jackie and Kyle added a lighthearted touch to the story, showcasing their camaraderie both on and off the air.

In conclusion, Jackie ‘O’ Henderson’s photoshoot for Stellar Magazine not only highlighted her slimmer figure and newfound confidence but also showcased her dedication to a healthier lifestyle. With a mix of humor and transparency, Jackie shared her journey, debunking rumors and staying true to her commitment to Weight Watchers. The photoshoot captured the essence of their partnership and individual growth, providing a glimpse into Jackie’s successful transformation and ongoing self-improvement.

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