A business leader in Fareham is empowering individuals to overcome their fears through unique and exhilarating workshops. Jeff Shrimpton, a seasoned coach for business owners since 2015, has recently launched Evolution Empowerment Events. These events feature activities such as walking on hot coals, shards of glass, board breaking, trust falls, and more.

The inspiration behind Jeff’s venture stems from his own transformative experience with a firewalk. He shared, “I was in a rut, both personally and professionally. After participating in a personal development workshop that involved a firewalk in 2005, my life took a positive turn. I felt empowered, courageous, and ready to face challenges head-on. This newfound confidence translated to success in my professional life.”

Jeff, now a certified firewalk instructor, aims to assist others in conquering their fears and reaching new heights. He emphasized, “I’m passionate about helping businesses elevate their success through team workshops that encourage personal growth. Our approach is action-oriented, focusing on tangible results rather than just theoretical concepts.”

Participants who have engaged with Evolution Empowerment Events have expressed high praise for the transformative experience. Simon from Waterlooville described it as “one of the best days of my life.” The initiative is open for bookings for charity events, as well as personalized or team-building activities.

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