Join MOCA North Miami on Saturday, May 18 to celebrate International Museum Day with a special exhibition by Manuel Mathieu. Titled “World Discovered Under Other Skies” and “Dwelling on the Invisible,” Mathieu’s first major solo presentation explores the lasting impact of the Haitian Revolution and the country’s journey towards self-determination. This compelling showcase will be on display until October 2024, providing viewers with a unique perspective on history and art.

In addition to Mathieu’s exhibition, MOCA North Miami will feature a group show titled “Collection Focus: Light Play,” curated by Adeze Wilford. This exhibit invites visitors to reinterpret iconic pieces from the museum’s permanent collection through works by contemporary artists such as Petah Coyne, John Espinosa, R.M. Fischer, and more.

Art enthusiasts can also explore outdoor installations at MOCA’s front plaza and courtyard as part of the annual “Art on the Plaza” and “Welcome to Paradise” series. These installations by local artists Yanira Collado and Alexandra Fields O’Neale offer a journey through Miami’s history with the African Diaspora, showcasing themes of joy, protection, migration, and spirituality.

Visitors can also view “Our Minds,” an exhibition curated by students from MOCA’s Teen Art Force program. This showcase, on display until October 6, highlights the creativity and achievements of young talent nurtured by the program for the past two decades. Themes explored in the exhibition include societal perception, self-discovery, and experimentation, providing a glimpse into the teenage experience.

Don’t miss out on these engaging exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) located at 770 NE 125th St, North Miami.

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