Experience the excitement of playing your favorite songs with friends in the world of Fortnite. The Fortnite Festival invites you to embark on a unique musical adventure filled with all the energy of a harmonious rhythm game expert. This event allows you to immerse yourself in the thrill of a live concert within the Fortnite universe, featuring a licensed soundtrack bursting with world hits. Connect with your friends and play together on the main stage or let your creativity run wild in the improvisation area.

To attend the Fortnite Festival, simply launch Fortnite on platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android, and access the festival for free from the Discover screen. Choose between the Main Stage for a spotlight performance or the Jam Area for mix creation and let the music sweep you away.

Whether you’re ready to shine on the Main Stage or prefer to experiment in the Improvisation Area, the Fortnite Festival offers something for everyone. Create your own track, hit the right notes, and collect stars as you captivate the audience with your musical talents.

Season 1 of the festival is currently underway, offering players the opportunity to progress through the festival pass, unlock new instruments, and enjoy themes inspired by featured idols such as The Weeknd. Content creators can also share their Fortnite Festival experiences on YouTube during the launch week and monetize their content through the Support Creators (SAC) Program.

Don’t miss Season 2 of the Fortnite Festival, featuring Lady Gaga as a standout star, new jams, musical instruments, and exciting surprises. Get ready to showcase your talents and be part of this extraordinary musical experience.

With continuous improvements and updates, the fun at the Fortnite Festival never stops. Take the stage, feel the rhythm, and let the music transport you to new realms of entertainment. Join the never-ending music party in Fortnite and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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