The festival season in Spain is set to reach its peak in 2024, with a lineup of diverse and exciting events scheduled throughout the country. From May to September, almost a thousand events will take place, with June, July, and August hosting the majority.

In 2023, the music promoters association reported a record revenue of 578 million euros from concert ticket sales nationwide, highlighting the immense popularity of music festivals in Spain. Multi-artist festivals like Arenal Sound, Primavera Sound, Viña Rock, and Mad Cool drew in huge crowds last year.

The upcoming 2024 festival season will see the consolidation of cycle festivals, where different venues and headliners are featured each day for weeks or months. Marenostrum Fuengirola, Noches del Botánico, and Las Noches del Malecón are some of the most anticipated events on the festival circuit this year. Headliners like Aitana, Arde Bogotá, Arcade Fire, Dua Lipa, and Lana Del Rey are set to dazzle audiences.

The festival lineup for May includes WOMAD Cáceres, Toledo Beat Festival, Las Noches del Malecón, Cranc Festival, and Interestelar Sevilla. In June, music enthusiasts can look forward to Palencia Sonora, Icónica Santalucía Sevilla Fest, Mallorca Live Festival, Sónar, and Rock Imperium Festival, among others.

July will bring Boombastic Port Aventura, Granca Live Fest, Pirineos Sur, Portamérica, and Les Nits de Barcelona, while August will feature Dreambeach Festival, Rototom Sunsplash, and more. The festival season will wrap up in September with Vive Latino, Granada Sound, and Brava Madrid.

With a diverse array of musical experiences, a growing number of festivals, and a wide range of headliners, the Spanish festival scene remains vibrant and enticing for both domestic and international attendees. From May through September, music lovers will have plenty to look forward to in Spain.

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