Art and science will come together in a unique collaboration at the Great Exhibition Road Festival later this month. Ten artists will team up with scientists from Imperial College London to create artwork inspired by cutting-edge research.

One artist, Maha Shami, will be working with Dr. Cristobal Rodero from Imperial’s National Heart and Lung Institute. Dr. Rodero’s work on 3D computer models of human hearts, which can aid in diagnosing heart conditions, will be the inspiration for Shami’s piece titled Heartfelt Customisation. This artwork will showcase the personalization of heart simulators for individual patients, highlighting the diversity of people.

Dr. Rodero emphasized the value of this collaboration in engaging the public with scientific research. He believes that through art, the complexities of research can be made more accessible to the general audience, sparking conversations and interest in the work being done.

The Great Exhibition Road Festival, scheduled for June 15 to June 16 in South Kensington, London, will be a hub of science, art, music, and innovation. Organized by Imperial College London, the festival aims to showcase the intersection of science and the arts in enriching lives and communities.

By bringing together artists and scientists, the Paint Lab at the festival will provide a unique platform for the public to engage with research in a creative and visually appealing way. It promises to be an exciting event that bridges the gap between science and society, inviting individuals to learn, interact, and explore the wonders of cutting-edge research.

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