On February 21, 2024, Sarah Sample, the Associate Policy Director, presented written testimony to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in favor of SB 774- Public Safety- Maryland Entertainment District Security Grant Program. This proposed bill aims to establish an Entertainment District Security Grant Program that would allocate funds to enhance security measures in areas with a concentration of bars, entertainment venues, and high foot traffic.

Downtown main streets, special event zones, and arts districts are key components in attracting businesses, residents, and tourists to popular areas. These bustling districts often feature bars, restaurants, live entertainment, and draw a significant number of visitors, highlighting the need for increased security measures.

The bill acknowledges the vital role that local governments play in revitalizing these districts to create vibrant community hubs for both residents and tourists. By ensuring the safety and security of patrons, this program aims to enhance the overall experience and enjoyment of the various activities and offerings in these entertainment districts.

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