In a remarkable celebration of excellence, Lamborghini, Firetti Contemporary, and Gaggenau have come together to blend Lamborghini’s sophistication with art and spirituality during Ramadan. The exclusive Suhoor event promises an unforgettable experience, combining elegance with artistic expression and featuring a culinary journey catered by Gaggenau, a renowned provider of luxury home appliances.

Curated by Firetti Contemporary, the exhibition titled “The Majlis” showcases the talents of artists from the MENA region and beyond. It offers a captivating display of sculptures, paintings, and live performances that resonate with the spiritual essence of this sacred time. This event brings together luxury, art, and cultural celebration, creating memories that surpass the ordinary.

Featuring artists like Sylvestre Gauvrit, Yousra Wahba, Sabah Arbilli, Diaa Allam, and Ghaleb Hawila, the exhibition pays homage to cross-cultural appreciation and fosters connections among individuals from diverse backgrounds. Through their diverse works, the artists showcase the universal language of art, reflecting the beautiful harmony of ideas, feelings, and actions, symbolizing the diverse yet united community embracing the spirit of Ramadan.

Sylvestre Gauvrit’s sculptures, deeply intertwined with nature, reflect his sensitivity, perceptiveness, and exceptional craftsmanship. Diaa Allam’s innovative Arabic calligraphy explores the unique paths individuals traverse in life, and Yousra Wahba’s art bridges science and art to reflect the interconnectedness of nature and human existence. Ghaleb Hawila merges tradition with contemporary expression in his Arabic calligraphy, showcasing the beauty and elegance of Arabic script.

Sabah Arbilli’s mastery of Arabic calligraphy and contemporary interpretations of letters profoundly resonate with the exhibition’s focus on redefining cultural heritage through art. His work reimagines the beauty of Arabic letters and conveys allegorical narratives, fostering cross-cultural understanding and inviting viewers to explore the intersection of culture and creativity. Together, these artists contribute to a celebration of universal values during the holy month of Ramadan.

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