For AW24 VAIN gets inspired by the search for work-life balance and the irony of the eternal rat race of the fashion industry. The collection is influenced by Tokyo’s busy businessmen, the early trap era of the 2010s, epitomized by artists like Birdman and Young Thug, as well as Helsinki’s unique nightlife and the twilight of the winter mornings. “Married to the VAIN” tells a compelling story of how we can shape our path in the intricate dance of work and passion, leisure, and daily life. It embodies a love story between life and work.

In collaboration with Helsinki, VAIN will launch the collection on January 30th at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The show will be followed by an afterparty with BELOW0, the Helsinki-based independent record label and artistic collective at the heart of Helsinki’s contemporary pop and electronic music scene.

30 January at 4pm CEST: VAIN AW24 Runway Show, CPHFW 2024
Raffinaderivej 22, 2300 Copenhagen (The Plant CPH)

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30 January at 8pm CEST: Sounds of HEL(SINKI) afterparty hosted by VAIN & BELOW0, CPHFW 2024
Hotel Cecil, Niels Hemmingsens Gade 10, 1153 Copenhagen
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Married to the VAIN

The VAIN AW24 collection concept delves into the paradox and irony of months of intensive work culminating in a brief 15-minute runway show, only to swiftly transition to the next endeavor. “We have now been in the industry for almost 3 years, gradually learning the rhythm of fashion. In this time, we have created our own version of the typical rat race. Luckily, we live and work from Helsinki which is not a typical fashion capital, but a city with calmer phase where creativity can bloom freely. We also love the idea that we are a bit outsider, which I believe gives us a more objective perspective on the industry,” says the Creative Director Jimi Vain. “The collection is heavily inspired by the journey of our brand, the synergy between work and leisure, and my thoughts on what work life is and what it should be. I’ve been told that I’m married to my work, but it is a happy marriage.”

”Married to the VAIN” showcases silhouettes and accessories that blend elements of formal business attire with the comfort of leisurewear, presenting a fusion of sleek, tailored designs and relaxed streetwear. To personify the commitment to the brand, the collection also includes a VAIN wedding ring. The predominant color scheme as typical for VAIN is black, accented by glittery and bright elements that pay homage to contemporary trap music aesthetics. The collection features items from the upcoming “VAIN Upcycled” product line and incorporates a wide range of deadstock materials.

“From HEL with Love” – Music and Fashion come together in Helsinki

In collaboration with BELOW0 artists, such as Glayden, inter alia, Niko Demus, and MFM, VAIN presents an EP titled “From HEL with Love.” This EP has been commissioned by VAIN and Helsinki to accompany the AW24 collection. Music from the EP will also be featured on the runway for VAIN’s CPHFW AW24 show on January 30th. “From HEL With Love” encapsulates the urban soundscapes of Helsinki while staying true to BELOW0’s signature trance-influenced style. Expect dynamic vocals, bright arpeggios, distorted percussion, and spectral bass tones.

BELOW0 hosts together with VAIN an afterparty on 30th of January in Copenhagen´s Hotel Cecil. The Sounds of HEL afterparty will feature a lineup showcasing some of Helsinki’s most exciting names in the realm of alternative music such as Glayden, YSI and Shepherd’s Call.

“Helsinki has become a global hotspot of both electronic music and fashion. This new era of transformation can largely be attributed to a small but growing scene of young adults from the fields of music, fashion, media art and design, working together. When designing clothes, I like to think about this creative crowd. The clothes in the VAIN AW24 collection are more than just wearable elements; they are the symbols of balance and inner strength. The idea of the collection is to encourage people to uncover meaning in every moment, whether it’s a busy workday or a relaxing weekend,” Jimi Vain says.

For media inquiries and more information about VAIN’s AW24 collection and “From HEL with Love” EP, please contact

Martta Louekari
Tel. +358 40 5284818

Leena Karppinen
Tel. +358 40 5415682

VAIN Instagram

VAIN is an interdisciplinary fashion label founded by artist and creative director Jimi Vain and CEO Roope Reinola. In its short span of existence, it has formed a cult-like community through various viral projects.

VAIN and its story are a testament to the very nature of what it means to be creative in the Digital Age. High-quality materials, subtle cultural references and extreme attention to detail are the defining hallmarks of VAIN. Regardless of its contemporary origins, the values behind VAIN are as old and simple as humanity itself. In an ever more technocratic world, it’s sometimes easy to forget that what brings us together as humans is the love we have, and VAIN is all about love. VAIN’s FW23 debut collection ’02’ was presented at Pitti Uomo 103 in January 2023, followed by its Copenhagen Fashion Week debut for the SS24 season in August 2023

BELOW0 Instagram

BELOW0 is a Helsinki-based independent record label and creative collective founded in 2019. As artists and curators BELOW0 has been at the forefront of shaping Helsinki’s contemporary electronic music scene. In the past year BELOW0 has gained global recognition in the avant-pop scene through their widely popular Club Zero events and various collaborations with artists such as CLIP, Miss Madeline and TDJ. BELOW0 has been a frequent contributor on music related things for VAIN.


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