Singapore’s Momo Film Co has joined forces with Indonesian filmmaker Wregas Bhanuteja for his upcoming third feature film, “Levitating.” Principal photography is set to commence in Indonesia in the third quarter of this year. The film follows the story of Bayu, a 20-year-old who aims to become a shaman and play a crucial role in solving the crisis in his suburban area facing eviction.

Joining Momo Film Co and Rekata Studio as producers are Siera Tamihardja and Iman Usman. Bhanuteja, an award-winning director, made history at the Cannes Film Festival with his short film “Prenjak” in 2016. His debut feature, “Photocopier,” garnered success at the Busan International Film Festival and on Netflix.

Momo Film Co, known for its successful collaboration with Bhanuteja on “Andragogy,” looks forward to bringing their co-production expertise to “Levitating.” The filmmakers express excitement and commitment to sharing authentic Indonesian stories with a global audience.

Overall, the collaboration between Momo Film Co and Wregas Bhanuteja promises to deliver a compelling and captivating film that will showcase the talent of Indonesian filmmakers on an international platform.

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