Stefano Boeri Architetti, known for its innovative Vertical Forest designs, is embarking on a new project in Xi’an, China – the Culture CBD Modern Technology Experience Center. This state-of-the-art technology museum will break away from traditional museum architecture by mimicking the natural contours of the local terrain, resembling a mountain covered in greenery amidst the cityscape.

The design of the museum will seamlessly blend with the rugged valleys and mountains surrounding it, featuring a sleek concrete exterior adorned with extensive glazing and horizontal slats for shading. The rooftop will be a marvel with terraces, walkways, and lush greenery, including shrubs and herbs, providing visitors with an immersive natural experience.

One of the highlights of the museum will be the hanging gardens on the roof, allowing visitors to climb up and enjoy panoramic views of the city. Inside, there will be four primary exhibition spaces, a temporary exhibition area, and commercial zones interconnected by a central double-height atrium. The vibrant blue decor will reflect the significance of digital art and design.

This project is in line with China’s affinity for nature-inspired architecture, seen in structures like MAD’s Chaoyang Park Plaza and MVRDV’s Oasis Towers. While the completion date is unknown, this initiative by Stefano Boeri Architetti’s China-based branch showcases the firm’s global presence and commitment to innovative design. The museum aims to provide cultural enrichment and a rejuvenating outdoor space for citizens, enhancing Xi’an’s architectural landscape.

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