The Adelaide Festival 2024 concluded with a bang, drawing in record-breaking crowds over two weeks of free and ticketed events. A total of 478,890 attendees flocked to various Adelaide Festival and Writers’ Week events, with 63,765 tickets sold for paid performances.

Interstate visitors accounted for 30% of ticket sales, highlighting the event’s broad appeal. Additionally, book sales at Adelaide Writers’ Week reached an all-time high with approximately 15,000 books sold during the festival.

The festival showcased a diverse range of international theatre productions, musicians, dance performances, renowned writers, and captivating visual arts displays. Writers’ Week, in particular, solidified its status as Australia’s largest free literary festival.

From March 1 to 17, attendees were treated to a multitude of cultural experiences and artistic performances. Tracey Whiting, chair of Adelaide Festival, praised the event as a celebration of community spirit and artistic vibrancy, resonating with audiences from all backgrounds.

Chief executive Kath Mainland highlighted Adelaide Festival’s reputation as Australia’s premier international festival, emphasizing the joy of witnessing both international and local artists sharing the stage. She expressed gratitude to all individuals involved in creating a memorable and enriching festival experience.

Overall, the success of Adelaide Festival 2024 reaffirmed its position as a cornerstone of Australia’s cultural landscape, offering unparalleled artistic experiences to participants and fostering cultural connections for years to come.

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