NEON16, a leading music publishing division, has recently signed two prominent Latin American producers, Faraon and Distobal, to their roster. Faraon, hailing from Puerto Rico, has a track record of producing hits for artists such as Bad Bunny, Arcangel, Natti Natasha, and Anuel AA. He is also credited with being a key creative force behind the success of rising star Myke Towers, producing popular tracks like LaLa, Diosa, and Pareja del Año.

On the other hand, Chilean hitmaker Distobal has worked with top artists from Chile and Argentina, including Pablo Chill-E, Duki, Katteyes, and Jairo Vera. Expressing his excitement, Faraon stated, “My greatest motivation is to bring out the talent I see in this upcoming generation, just as I was recognized ten years ago. NEON16 has shown dedication to this mission and my growth as a music producer.”

Similarly, Distobal shared his enthusiasm, “Signing with NEON16 is opening new doors and opportunities in my career, where I am confident we will achieve amazing things together.” Raul Chirinos, Head of Publishing at NEON16, emphasized the company’s belief in raw talent and innovative music, stating, “Signing El Faraon and Distobal goes beyond a business move; it signifies our commitment to nurturing unique talents and shaping the future of music.”

Meanwhile, NEON16’s parent company NTERTAIN, recently acquired The Official Latino Film Festival and will relaunch it as the NVISION Latino Film & Music Festival in October. The festival’s selection committee includes notable figures like Anthony Ramos, Lynette Coll, Leslie Grace, Jairo Alvardo, and Santiago Zapata. Scheduled to take place at the Palm Springs Museum from October 10-12, the event promises to showcase the best of Latino film and music.

NTERTAIN, led by industry veterans Lex Borrero, Tommy Mottola, and Tainy, also includes NTERTAIN Studios and culture marketing agency AM16. This expansion reflects the company’s commitment to promoting diverse talent and innovative content in the entertainment industry.

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