Author Michelle Gines has released a captivating and empowering book titled “Girl, Make Up Your Mind: A Beauty Infused Guide to Personal Growth & 7 Lessons from Your Makeup Bag.” In this unique guide, Gines uses makeup bag essentials as metaphors to help women embark on a transformational journey towards self-discovery and confidence.

The book is divided into seven steps that focus on different aspects of personal development, such as releasing energy wasted on past regrets, setting boundaries, choosing one’s mood, and embracing inner and outer beauty. Through relatable metaphors and insightful guidance, readers are empowered to become the confident and empowered women they were meant to be.

“Gilr, Make Up Your Mind” has garnered rave reviews from readers and industry professionals alike. The book’s innovative approach to combining makeup with personal development has resonated with audiences, offering practical and accessible strategies for individuals from all walks of life.

Popular bookstagrammers have also praised the book for its realistic steps to help women see their true beauty and find empowerment in their journey towards self-discovery. Each chapter inspires readers to make up their minds and embrace their inner and outer beauty.

For those looking for a refreshing take on personal development and empowerment, “Girl, Make Up Your Mind” is a must-read. Michelle Gines invites readers to take the first step towards self-discovery and improvement through her engaging and insightful guide.

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