Renowned Detroit techno artist, Carl Craig, is set to have his life and career explored in a new documentary titled “Desire: The Carl Craig Story.” The film is scheduled to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on June 12, with screenings for the press and public on June 13 and 15.

The documentary delves into Craig’s middle-class upbringing, his departure from the family tradition of pursuing higher education, and the recognition his music has received in various artistic communities beyond the realm of techno. While showcasing his success, the film also touches on the challenges that may potentially deter him from the dance floor.

Produced by Jean-Cosme Delaloye, known for his work on films like “The Pawn” (2015), “Stray Bullet” (2018), and “Harley” (2020), “Desire” sheds light on Craig’s journey in the music industry since he first discovered his passion for dance music in the late ’80s.

Having released notable albums such as “Landcruising” (1995) and “More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art” (1997), Craig has solidified his position as a pivotal figure in Detroit techno. His event series, Detroit Love, introduced in 2014, has taken him and his peers to various global destinations, further cementing his influence in the genre.

The Tribeca Film Festival, an annual event held in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood since 2002, features a diverse lineup of films every year. This year’s edition, running from June 5 to June 16, includes a selection of films starring Jenna Ortega, Michael Cera, and Lily Gladstone.

For more updates on Carl Craig, you can follow him on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud.

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