Vinhomes Introduces New Entertainment and Shopping Destinations in Vietnam

Vinhomes, a leading property developer, has recently launched several innovative entertainment and shopping hubs in Vietnam. These new destinations, including K-Town, K-Park, and European Square, aim to provide residents with top-tier amenities and infrastructure that align with global trends.

One of the new additions, K-Town, is situated in Ocean City, eastern Hanoi, and spans over 6.5 hectares. This immersive experience into Korean culture combines traditional architecture with modern urban elements. The grand opening event on 26 April featured music, fireworks, and various cultural activities.

In Hai Phong City, visitors can explore K-Park, located within Vinhomes Royal Island. This cultural park showcases Korean heritage through lantern parks, pavilions, and lush gardens, offering a peaceful retreat for guests.

European Square, also situated at Vinhomes Royal Island, features a Sun Tower and a high-tech water fountain stage. Visitors can enjoy aristocratic dances, circus performances, and a fusion of Asian and European cuisine at this unique destination.

Vinhomes emphasized their commitment to enhancing the quality of life for residents by providing such exceptional amenities and infrastructure. These new hubs not only create highly desirable communities for residents but also attract millions of domestic and international tourists.

Overall, the introduction of K-Town, K-Park, and European Square reflects Vinhomes’ dedication to meeting the evolving needs and preferences of its residents while also keeping pace with global trends in entertainment and lifestyle offerings.

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