The Red Sea, a luxury destination, is gearing up to welcome international visitors with the introduction of twice-weekly flights from Dubai to the Saudi Arabian archipelago project. Starting on April 18, Flydubai will operate the route, landing at the new Red Sea International airport. From there, guests will need to arrange transportation to reach The Red Sea site, which currently boasts two operating hotels. A round-trip ticket for the three-hour flight in economy starts at 6, making it a pricier option compared to flights to other Saudi Arabian cities like Riyadh and Jeddah.

The goal of The Red Sea project is to position Saudi Arabia as a top global tourism destination. With plans to attract one million visitors annually by the end of the decade, the destination is also focusing on environmental conservation efforts. By 2025, 50 hotels are expected to open, with many being operated by international brands such as Six Senses and St. Regis. The total investment for The Red Sea project is substantial, with billion already spent by 2023 and an additional billion planned for 2024.

The inaugural international flight to The Red Sea marks a significant milestone in opening up the destination to visitors worldwide. As Dubai serves as a major travel hub, The Red Sea anticipates the new route will boost international visits to the luxury destination. CEO John Pagano is excited about the opportunity to welcome visitors not just from the UAE but also from the wider Middle East region and beyond. With a focus on sustainable tourism practices, the long-term vision is to establish The Red Sea as a top global tourism destination.

The presence of renowned luxury hotel brands like Six Senses and St. Regis plays a crucial role in positioning The Red Sea as a high-end destination. The upcoming opening of Numjuma, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, in May is expected to become the most expensive resort in the Middle East. With plans for a total of 50 hotels in the area, The Red Sea aims to provide a diverse range of luxury accommodation options to cater to upscale travelers seeking a premium experience. This development of luxury hotels is part of a broader effort to enhance The Red Sea’s appeal as a luxury tourist destination in the region.

The emphasis on luxury and exclusivity is a key selling point for The Red Sea project, with the expectation that high-end travelers will be drawn to the premium offerings and experiences available in the destination. The strategic collaboration with Flydubai to launch international flights from Dubai is a move aimed at increasing accessibility for international visitors and solidifying The Red Sea’s status as a top global luxury travel destination. With plans to open 16 hotels by 2025 and the vision to attract one million visitors annually, The Red Sea is establishing itself as a must-visit luxury hotspot for travelers seeking an upscale and exclusive vacation experience against the backdrop of a stunning coastal setting.

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