TUI Group, a global leader in the travel industry, has launched a new hotel brand called The Mora in Zanzibar, focusing on a differentiated product offering and global customer growth. The luxury resort, located at Muyuni Beach, boasts 250 suites and four restaurants, catering to a new kind of holidaymaker seeking laid-back luxury experiences.

The Mora brand name, derived from the Latin word for “pause,” embodies a contemporary approach to hospitality, offering highly tailored and flexible services to guests. The official inauguration of The Mora Zanzibar was attended by TUI CEO Sebastian Ebel and President of Zanzibar, Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi, signaling the company’s commitment to providing unique holiday experiences worldwide.

TUI’s hotel growth strategy includes developing hotel clusters in popular destinations like Zanzibar to meet the diverse needs of travelers. The company already operates three hotels in Zanzibar, with plans for further expansion in the luxury segment. The destination also serves as a stopover for the luxury cruise ship MS Europa, offering a variety of beachfront hotels for TUI’s tour operator guests.

Peter Krueger, Executive Board member at TUI, emphasized the importance of building and operating hotel clusters under various brands to support the company’s growth strategy. TUI aims to expand its portfolio globally to 600 hotels in the medium term, with a focus on developing new destinations and clusters. In collaboration with the TUI Care Foundation, TUI is also working on sustainable development initiatives in Zanzibar to promote social and environmental progress on the island.

With a strong emphasis on customer experience and innovation, TUI Group continues to drive growth in the hotel business, offering unique and personalized holiday experiences for travelers around the world.

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