US Foods Holding Corp., a top food service distributor in the United States, has announced the release of its Spring 2024 Scoop. Dubbed “Get to Know Serve You,” this edition showcases products from the company’s newly branded “Serve You” portfolio, which includes over 1,700 US Foods Exclusive Brands items. These products are specially curated to cater to different dietary preferences, with options that are plant-forward, gluten-free certified, or have clean ingredient labels free from certain additives.

Stacey Kinkaid, the vice president of product development and innovation at US Foods, emphasized the importance of meeting the diverse dietary and lifestyle preferences of consumers. With the Spring Scoop, the company aims to provide high-quality products that can accommodate specific preferences while also appealing to a wider audience. These products not only offer versatility on menus but also help to save operators time and labor in the back-of-house.

The “Serve You” products are designed to cater to diners who seek personalization based on their dietary and lifestyle choices. They are not only delicious but also versatile enough to be incorporated into a variety of menu offerings. Developed with operator needs in mind, these items offer menu flexibility and significant labor savings compared to preparing them from scratch.

Highlights of the product lineup include plant-forward options, which are projected to see a significant increase in demand over the next few years, gluten-free certified products to appeal to the growing number of consumers avoiding gluten, and clean ingredient labels that meet the company’s Unpronounceables List standards.

US Foods is committed to helping its customers succeed in the foodservice industry. As a leading distributor, the company works with approximately 250,000 restaurants and foodservice operators across the country. With a wide range of food offerings, innovative technology solutions, and a dedicated team of associates, US Foods is focused on providing comprehensive support to its customers. Headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois, US Foods continues to innovate and lead in the food distribution industry.

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