The Lantern Festival in Taiwan illuminated the night sky on February 24, following the 2024 Lunar Calendar. This annual event brought unique celebrations to various communities across the island, showcasing vibrant displays and performances.

In Miaoli County, known for its Hakka culture, the Exploding Dragon tradition took center stage. Dragon Dance performers danced amidst exploding firecrackers and fireworks, adding to the festivity. Given that 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, the celebration was especially grand this year, resonating with the theme.

The Pingxi Sky Lanterns Festival also embraced the dragon motif, featuring two dragon-shaped lanterns soaring into the night sky alongside a multitude of other sky lanterns. One lantern, crafted in the shape of a dragon ball, captured the attention of spectators.

At the New Taipei Lantern Festival held within the New Taipei Metropolitan Park, visitors were treated to expansive open spaces and a giant Chinese dragon lantern that even emitted smoke during performances, adding a touch of spectacle to the festivities.

Overall, the Lantern Festival in Taiwan offered a colorful and diverse display of traditions and artistry, showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of the island. The combination of ancient customs and modern twists made this year’s celebrations truly memorable for all who attended.

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