Nintendo has officially announced that they will not be attending Gamescom 2024, a move that has confirmed earlier speculations. The renowned gaming company, known for its direct presence at Europe’s biggest gaming expo, has opted to skip this year’s event in Cologne, Germany. Instead, Nintendo has revealed plans to engage with fans through a series of regional events across Germany.

This shift in strategy is a clear indication of Nintendo’s goal to establish more intimate connections with its audience. The company’s upcoming events include roadshows featuring Nintendo’s airstreamer and bulli at various locations such as the SWR Summer Festival and Stuttgart’s Children and Youth Festival. In addition, Nintendo is slated to take part in cultural and thematic festivals like the Main Matsuri Japan Festival in Frankfurt, DoKomi in Düsseldorf, and Animagic in Mannheim.

Despite the absence at Gamescom, Nintendo’s decision appears to be motivated by a desire to provide more personal and localized experiences for its fans. This strategic move may serve as a way to compensate for the lack of presence at a major international venue.

The gaming community is eagerly anticipating how this new approach will unfold and whether it will impact the company’s visibility and interaction with its global audience. Stay tuned to see how Nintendo’s decision plays out in the coming months.

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