Wendover Management Celebrates Grand Opening of Affordable Housing Community in Sanford

ORLANDO, Fla., April 11, 2024 – Wendover Management, the management division of Wendover Housing Partners, marked a significant milestone today with the grand opening of phase two of Monroe Landings. Situated in Sanford’s historic Goldsboro neighborhood, Monroe Landings is a multi-family affordable housing community developed by Wendover.

Phase two of Monroe Landings is a continuation of Wendover’s commitment to providing affordable housing options in partnership with the Orlando Housing Authority and Sanford Housing Authority. The first phase of Monroe Landings welcomed residents in 2022, breathing new life into the neighborhood.

The community is located at 1410 Halstead Lane and stands on the site of a former affordable housing community that was demolished in 2013 due to safety concerns. As the first large-scale development in the Goldsboro neighborhood in over two decades, Wendover is dedicated to revitalizing the area with the addition of phase two.

Wendover’s expansion in Sanford comes at a crucial time for Central Florida, where there is a pressing need for affordable housing. According to the 2024 GAP report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, Orlando is among the top five metropolitan areas facing severe shortages in affordable housing. A staggering 85% of extremely low-income renters in the Orlando area struggle with high housing costs, spending over half of their incomes on rent and utilities.

Jonathan L. Wolf, founder and CEO of Wendover Housing Partners, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “Monroe Landings will continue to breathe new life into the Goldsboro neighborhood, providing residents with exceptional amenities, spacious units, and most importantly, an affordable lifestyle.”

The new phase of Monroe Landings offers 84 units with one-, two-, and three-bedroom options, each designed to meet the diverse needs of the community. Shared amenities include a clubhouse, computer center, pool, playground, gazebo, outdoor grills, and a community gardening area.

Rent prices start at 4/month for one-bedroom units, ,100/month for two-bedroom units, and ,266/month for three-bedroom units. Slocum Platts Architects designed the community, with Roger B. Kennedy Construction as the general contractor.

To view photos of the community and the grand opening event, visit the link provided. For more information about Wendover and their projects, visit www.wendovergroup.com.

About Wendover Management:
Headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida, Wendover Housing Partners, LLC is a leading real estate development, investment, and management company specializing in affordable housing communities. With a focus on creating housing opportunities in diverse neighborhoods, Wendover has a proven track record of success since its establishment in 1995. Visit www.wendovergroup.com for more information.

Media Contact:
Hannah Conley
Uproar PR for Wendover

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