Spoleto Festival USA, known as America’s premier performing arts festival, has launched the 2024 Open Stage Door program, which aims to provide complimentary tickets to deserving Charleston nonprofit organizations and their members. Interested organizations in the greater Charleston area can now apply for tickets through the community engagement initiative.

Over the past decade, Spoleto Festival USA has distributed over 5,000 complimentary tickets to various organizations in the Charleston area, including the Jenkins Institute for Children, My Sister’s House, Charleston Music Teacher Association, and We Are Family. This initiative aims to foster connections with the community and promote a deeper appreciation for the performing arts.

Mena Mark Hanna, the General Director and CEO of Spoleto Festival USA, emphasized the importance of engaging with the community and providing access to the arts. Hanna stated, “For the last 48 years, Spoleto has not only brought incredible performances to Charleston but has also been involved in preserving historic landmarks, implementing educational programs, and offering access to underserved communities as part of our commitment to giving back to the Charleston community.”

To learn more about the Open Stage Door program and to apply for tickets, interested organizations can visit the festival’s website. The initiative is made possible with the generous support of BMW Group Plant Spartanburg.

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