As music festival season approaches, independent artists worldwide are looking for opportunities to showcase their talent on a global stage. To help with this, a list of international music festivals that welcome independent artists has been compiled. These festivals offer a platform for emerging musicians to gain exposure and reach new audiences.

One such resource for artists to explore is Ditto Music’s opportunities map, which is regularly updated with new gigs and music competitions. This map provides a comprehensive overview of the latest free global music opportunities where artists can apply to perform at festivals and events around the world.

Participating in music festivals is not only a chance to perform live but also an opportunity to network with industry professionals, gain valuable experience, and build a fan base. Independent artists looking to expand their reach and make a name for themselves in the music scene should consider applying to these festivals.

For more information on global music festivals that independent artists can apply to play, visit the provided link. Stay informed about upcoming opportunities and take the first step towards showcasing your talent on an international stage.

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