Rising Riyadh-based independent studio Telfaz11 and newly launched UK distribution label Metis Films have joined forces to bring the Saudi hit “Mandoob” to audiences in the UK and Ireland.

The contemporary drama follows the story of Fahad Algadaani, a Riyadh-based night courier, who finds himself entangled in the city’s underworld while trying to raise money for his father’s medical expenses.

“Mandoob” has been a success in Saudi Arabia, attracting 630,000 viewers since its release last December. This achievement follows the popularity of Telfaz11’s previous hit, the freestyle wrestling comedy “Sattar.”

Co-founder of Telfaz11, Ali Kalthami, created “Mandoob” as his directorial debut after gaining fame for viral YouTube videos prior to Saudi Arabia lifting its 35-year cinema ban in 2017.

Metis Films, led by Metcalf, is thrilled to partner with Telfaz11 for the release of “Mandoob” in the UK and Ireland. The film is set to hit theaters on August 30.

Having premiered at international festivals and received support from the Red Sea Film Foundation Fund and Muvi Studios, “Mandoob” has captivated audiences worldwide. The film was penned by Kalthami and Mohammed Algarawi, produced by Telfaz11 Studio, and features an impressive lineup of executive producers and producers.

The collaboration between Telfaz11 and Metis Films aims to bring this edge-of-your-seat thriller to UK and Irish cinemas, promising an exciting cinematic experience for viewers in the region.

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