The LGBTQ-focused Inside Out Film Festival is commencing in Toronto with the world premiere of the comedy film “Sisters” as the festival’s gala screening.

“Sisters” revolves around two best friends, Lou (played by Susie Yankou) and Esther (played by Sarah Khasrovi), who have always considered each other as family. Their dynamic is put to the test when Lou discovers she has a long-lost half-sister named Priya (portrayed by Kausar Mohammed), who exudes an air of sophistication.

The film gives viewers a glimpse of Lou and Priya’s interactions in a trendy restaurant, where Lou struggles to fit in with Priya’s effortlessly cool circle of friends.

“Sisters” received the prestigious Re:Focus grant from Inside Out, aimed at supporting LGBTQ women and nonbinary filmmakers financially. Susie Yankou not only directs the film but also takes credit for writing the screenplay, showcasing her dual talents.

For a sneak peek at the film “Sisters,” watch the trailer below.

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