This past weekend at Philadelphia’s Roots Picnic festival, the iconic musician and drummer for The Roots, Questlove, hosted a one-of-a-kind pop-up diner in partnership with Stella Artois. Known as Questlove’s Cheesesteak™️ Diner, this innovative restaurant was located on the festival grounds at The Mann in Fairmount Park.

Questlove’s Cheesesteak™️ Diner featured his legendary Cheesesteak along with a menu that reflected his commitment to a better future for both individuals and the planet. The menu included unique offerings like Questlove’s Lemon Pepper Popcorn, Kale Picnic Slaw, Shoestring Potato Fries, and refreshing Stella Artois to complement the dishes.

In addition to the delicious food, the pop-up diner also offered games and entertainment inspired by Questlove’s famous game nights, creating an engaging atmosphere for festival-goers. Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy the festival’s headlining acts, creating a day filled with culinary delights and top-tier performances.

The event on June 1st at the Roots Picnic Festival seamlessly combined Questlove’s culinary passion with his musical talent, providing attendees with a truly unique dining experience within the festival’s lively setting. The collaboration with Stella Artois ensured a memorable celebration of food, music, and community, showcasing Questlove’s ability to orchestrate an unforgettable event.

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