Bristol’s jazz-fusion project, The Other Way, is set to release their latest single, “Back To The Centre,” as a preview of their debut album, “Learning to Be,” scheduled for May 3rd, coinciding with their performance at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival.

The band’s music seamlessly blends jazz intricacies with folk and soul elements, spearheaded by Rowan Porteous, a versatile talent known for his trumpet skills, composition abilities, and environmental activism. The lineup also includes Elly Hopkins on vocals and guitar, Billie Bottle on keyboards and vocals, Guillaume Ottaviani on bass, and Emma Holbrook on drums.

“Back To The Centre” encapsulates the band’s diverse musical style, combining expressive jazz instrumentation with folk influences and subtle electronic elements. Vocalist Elly Hopkins takes the lead, infusing the single with emotion while the instrumentation builds around her, creating a mesmerizing sonic experience.

Porteous delves into the emotional depth of the track, revealing that the recording process took place during a challenging period involving his son’s illness. This personal anecdote adds a poignant layer to the music, evident in Porteous’s moving solo. The album reflects years of hard work and emotional turmoil, rooted in concerns about the environment and the future generation, yet blossoming into a message of hope and possibility.

Produced by Martin Pavey, known for his collaborations with Julian Bahula and filmmaker Ben Wheatley, “Back To The Centre” offers a transformative listening experience. The single sets the stage for an album filled with introspection and musical innovation.

With each band member contributing their unique talents, “Learning to Be” promises to showcase The Other Way’s collective artistry and unwavering dedication to their craft.

Don’t miss The Other Way at their upcoming live dates:
– 3rd of May: Cheltenham Jazz Festival
– 13th of July: Swanage Jazz Festival
– 29th of July: The Bell Inn, Bath
– 8th of August: Ashburton Arts Centre, Devon

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