Award-winning stand-up comedian and writer Sarah Keyworth is set to bring her critically acclaimed show, “My Eyes Are Up Here,” to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Following her successful run at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, the show received the Most Outstanding Show award and will continue its tour across the UK and Ireland, including a performance at the London Palladium.

Last year marked a significant milestone for Keyworth, as they turned thirty, got diagnosed with ADHD, and underwent top surgery. Reflecting on these changes, Keyworth acknowledges the support of their loved ones while navigating conversations about gender identity in a society that can be challenging for gender non-conforming individuals.

Returning home for the first time post-surgery to celebrate their mother’s birthday, Keyworth finds themselves pondering questions of acceptance, identity, and self-expression. With a mix of humor and introspection, the comedian delves into personal experiences and societal norms in a thought-provoking manner.

Speaking about bringing “My Eyes Are Up Here” to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Keyworth humorously quips, “I just hope the audience recognizes me without the fun-bags.” Following the festival, the show will tour various cities in the UK and Ireland, giving audiences the opportunity to experience Keyworth’s unique blend of comedy and social commentary.

Known for their BBC Radio 4 show “Are You A Boy Or A Girl?” and appearances on popular TV programs like Live At The Apollo, Mock The Week, and 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Keyworth has established a strong presence in the comedy scene. With a large following on social media, the comedian continues to captivate audiences with their wit and charm.

Don’t miss the chance to catch Sarah Keyworth’s “My Eyes Are Up Here” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and during the upcoming tour dates across the UK and Ireland. The show promises a blend of laughter, insight, and engaging storytelling that has earned Keyworth critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.

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