The summer concert season kicks off at Ravinia Festival on June 7 as music lovers get ready to enjoy live performances under the open sky at the Highland Park venue. The festival gates open on Tuesday, welcoming guests to experience the magic of outdoor concerts.

One longtime employee, Maria Gac, shared her love for Ravinia, where she has been working for over 50 years since her teenage days. She expressed her attachment to the venue, stating that Ravinia symbolizes summer for her, with last year being the only exception due to the pandemic.

The excitement for the upcoming season is palpable among employees, who are optimistic that the diverse musical lineup will draw guests back to the venue. CEO and President Jeff Haydon highlighted the variety of artists scheduled to perform, appealing to audiences of all ages and preferences.

Haydon emphasized the inclusive nature of the schedule, offering something for everyone, from kid-friendly shows to romantic evenings and group gatherings. With performances ranging from classical to jazz to R&B, Ravinia aims to cater to a wide range of musical tastes throughout the summer.

As the grounds open to the public on Friday, local favorite The Flock will kick off the season’s festivities, followed by performances from renowned artists like James Taylor over the weekend. The anticipation and excitement leading up to the summer concert season showcase the enduring appeal of Ravinia Festival as a premier destination for live music experiences.

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