Mark your calendars for November 28th to experience the vibrant celebration of Timor Leste’s annual Gastronomy Festival, coinciding with National Independence Day. Held in Dili, this one-day extravaganza showcases the diverse culinary tapestry of Timorese cuisine and serves as a cultural preservation platform.

Organized by the National Directorate of Enterprises, Activities, and Tourist Products, this festival brings together locals, tourists, and international communities to appreciate and promote the rich heritage of Timor Leste’s culinary traditions. Attendees can immerse themselves in traditional dishes, craft showcases, and traditional music and dance performances, providing a sensory journey through the country’s culture and tradition.

The Gastronomy Festival aligns seamlessly with Timor Leste’s national tourism policy, bridging the gap in accessing the country’s culture. Visitors can also interact with Timor Leste-based Embassies and international partners at the festival, further enhancing the cultural exchange experience.

Join the festivities on November 28th in Dili to indulge in authentic Timorese delicacies, celebrate the country’s culinary heritage, and experience the essence of Timor Leste’s culture and tradition.

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