Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were spotted displaying their affection publicly at the Neon Carnival event in Indio, California over the weekend. The 34-year-old singer and the 34-year-old professional football player were seen kissing and embracing each other at the party.

The couple, who opted to skip the first night of the Coachella festival, showed their support for Jack Antonoff, a frequent collaborator of Swift, as his band Bleachers performed earlier in the evening. According to reports, Swift and Kelce were not shy about dancing and hugging during the set.

Swift also continued to show her backing for another friend and collaborator, Ice Spice, who also took the stage at the festival. The Grammy-winning songwriter seemed to enjoy herself alongside Kelce as they enjoyed the music and festivities at the event.

The pair’s public display of affection has garnered attention and speculation from fans and media outlets alike, adding fuel to the rumor mill surrounding their relationship. Swift and Kelce’s presence at the Neon Carnival event has certainly made headlines and sparked excitement among their followers.

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