This summer, a community garden inspired by Disney’s THE LION KING will be showcased at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival to celebrate 25 years of the beloved West End musical. The garden, designed by Juliet Sargeant, will feature vibrant, drought-tolerant flowers and a landscape reminiscent of the iconic Pridelands. Visitors can expect live performances, interactive activities, and a traditional Boma meeting place where they can reflect on the ‘Circle of Life’.

The garden will showcase climate resilient plants and trees such as Bulbinella frutescens ‘Sunset Orange, ‘Zanthoxyllum simulans (Szechuan pepper), Kniphofia varieties, and more, providing practical ideas for attendees to incorporate in their own outdoor spaces.

Since its debut at the Lyceum Theatre in 1999, over 19 million people have experienced the magic of THE LION KING in London. The show, with its 232 puppets and 350 costumes, continues to captivate audiences 25 years later as it celebrates its milestone anniversary at this prestigious event.

Juliet Sargeant, the garden designer, expressed her excitement about creating a colorful and stimulating space for fans of THE LION KING to commemorate the show’s 25-year legacy. George Asprey, who has portrayed Scar in the West End for 16 years, shared his passion for gardening and the connection it provides to nature and the changing seasons. He hopes that the garden at Hampton Court will offer visitors a similar sense of solace and connection to nature.

As we navigate through challenging times, the message of THE LION KING about respect for nature’s balance and living in harmony with it resonates more than ever. The garden at the festival serves as a reminder of the beauty and importance of nature in our lives.

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