As music festival season approaches in 2024, music enthusiasts are faced with a plethora of options both in the US and around the world. From camping in Tennessee to Airbnb-ing in Palm Springs, the choices can be overwhelming. Factors such as lineup, pricing, and dates play a role in decision-making, but what about the most crucial factor – happiness?

A recent report from has shed light on which music festivals are the happiest based on the science of how human dopamine levels are affected by beats per minute (BPM). Experts at analyzed different genres of music to determine the average BPM of each genre. They then evaluated the lineups of the most popular music festivals in the US to identify which events are most likely to make attendees happy.

According to the report, music with a tempo of 90 to 150 BPM has been found to generate positive emotions such as happiness and joy. Based on this data, the happiest genres of music are house, pop, techno, rock, and hip-hop.

Taking into account the overall popularity and genres featured in the lineup,’s study identified the happiest music festivals in the US. The top 10 happiest music festivals are:

1. Burning Man
2. Lollapalooza
3. Coachella
4. Electric Daisy Carnival
5. Movement
7. Levitation
8. Bonnaroo
9. Electric Forest
10. Outside Lands

When making your decision on which music festival to attend, consider the BPM of the music and how it may impact your happiness levels during the event.

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