Vilnius Named Best Bargain City Break Destination in Europe

According to a recent study by the Post Office, Vilnius has emerged as the best bargain city break destination in Europe, surpassing last year’s winner, Lisbon. The study, which analyzed typical costs in 37 European cities, found that the strengthening of sterling over the past year has helped keep the cost of city breaks down in many countries.

The study considered the cost of two nights’ three-star weekend accommodation, an evening meal for two, a range of drinks, sightseeing charges, and city transport. The total cost for a trip to Vilnius was estimated at £237, while Amsterdam ranked as the most expensive city with a typical cost of £669.

Other affordable destinations identified in the study include Lisbon and Athens, where tourists can find value for money in terms of meals and drinks. Laura Plunkett, head of travel money at Post Office, emphasized the importance of budgeting for meals and drinks, as they can significantly impact holiday costs.

For those looking for a budget-friendly break closer to home, Cardiff was named the most affordable UK capital with a cost of £409. Belfast was found to be more expensive than Dublin for the first time, with a cost of £629 compared to Dublin’s £579. The cost of a getaway in Edinburgh was calculated at £602, while London was priced at £524, with competitive accommodation charges helping to lower the overall cost.

The study also highlighted the five cheapest and most expensive cities for city breaks. The five cheapest cities included Vilnius, Lisbon, Lille, Krakow, and Athens, while the most expensive cities were Amsterdam, Belfast, Edinburgh, Helsinki, and Venice.

Overall, the study indicates that Vilnius is a top choice for budget-conscious travelers looking for an affordable and enjoyable city break in Europe.

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