Paul Barnes, the Marguerite Scribante Professor of Piano in the Glenn Korff School of Music, showcased a special performance of composer Philip Glass’ iconic works inside the “Greenpoint” sculpture on May 1st.

The sculpture, a part of the Sheldon Museum of Art’s collection, was created by Richard Serra, who passed away on March 26th. Barnes’ performance aimed to honor the unique creative bond between Glass and Serra. Glass had served as an assistant to Serra after the two formed a close friendship in Paris during the early 1960s. Over the course of 29 years, Barnes has collaborated extensively with Glass, including working on two commissions and producing various transcriptions and recordings of Glass’ musical compositions.

The event, which marked the start of the Lincoln Calling music and arts festival presented by the Lincoln Arts Council, drew attention to the intersection of art and music, celebrating the lasting impact of these two visionary artists. This unique performance captured the essence of their collaborative spirit and paid homage to their shared artistic legacy.

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